Who is Nick Fee?

23 soon to be 24 yr old family man

Born and raised in Atlanta

Go Dawgs | Hawks | Falcons | United | Braves - National Champs '21

Most important things in my life are Family/Friends & Sports 

Amateur chef with a knack to win every board game based on sole luck

UGA Terry College of Business, BBA in Business Management & Minor in Sports Management

There has been a lot of uncertainty these past couple years, and for many industries, especially the sports industry (my passion), have been devastated. Small business have been forced to close their doors and those who stayed open had to find new modems of operation just in order to stay afloat. For me personally, it spiraled me into the unknown.

What I mean by that is, I legitimately didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Let me put it into perspective and give you glimpse into my life.

Spring Break early March 2020, some friends and I are having a relaxed day out on a Florida beach with some cold beer, living stress free with 2-3 days left before returning back to the University of Georgia (greatest university in the world, Go Dawgs!) to finish our last month of college. Then, the news breaks and the safety protocols are immediately put into place. Covid-19 aka Coronavirus.

Initially when I heard the news, I didn't truly grasp the full severity of the issue at hand. I couldn't fathom the full extent of how much my life, my family, friends, classmates, community, and world would be impacted. Everything was going so seemingly smooth. I mean really imagine this: No more college life as I had known it for 3 & 3/4 years, no 'victory lap,' and no graduation. Social life as I previously knew it was completely tarnished.

For the first time, I genuinely enjoyed all my classes. Probably due heavily to the brilliant professors who honestly cared for our upbringing into the 'real world' and how we would each individually emerge into our respective industries, rather than mindlessly hammering the semi-bland X's & O's content that had been engraved into our brains for the past couple semesters. On this note, I want to give those brilliant professors a special shoutout. So Marty Parker, Troy Montgomery, and Charles Lyons thank you. These were just a small handful of the wonderful professors at the university that always left there door open and were ready to help at a moments notice. They were some of the inspiring faces that helped me idealize that I can make a difference in the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt a surplus of communities in more ways than one, yet for some people it enlightened them to new ways of how to traverse around this perilous landscape. In all the darkness, there is always light. It is truly about how you handle situations like these that separate the go-getters from the rest of the pack. 

For me, being resilient was of my upmost priority. Not falling victim to the woes of the pandemic and the recent Omicron variant outbreak. Rather than falling back and accepting defeat after getting denied from several of my dream job applications due to the downsizing of the sports business as a whole, I instead went and seeked out a job in a sport I loved; soccer. I was already staying active thru Covid by playing the sport I love so dearly, so I figured while I'm out there 5 days a week anyways, why not dial back the clock and pickup refereeing again, which I did from ages 10-18. I have Atlanta Silverbacks Park to thank for this and am excited to take on new projects in the near future.

However, even though I was extremely active, I knew I wasn't utilizing my full ability to change the landscape of our communities, still wanting to do more. By making this website I feel as if it is a new starting point for not only myself but others to have the opportunity to grow within themselves.

As we round the corner into the new year, I 1) am cheering on for the Dawgs to finally overcome the long overdue task that is winning our first National Championship since 1980.  2) am fully dedicating my efforts to expand my career and fulfil the goals I have set for myself.  3) hope a physically and mentally healthy year for all.

 --Writers note (Unfinished)--


About the Website

---rough draft (unfinished)---

This online forum is a safe space where athletes and sports fans can seek lessons or classes in a variety of different sports from a student of the games. It is also a blog to meet others, discuss general sports business or news and support and hear feedback from one another. The platform is easy to use, has range of topics, and can facilitate booking a lesson thru Nick Fee. We always welcome new participants, so either post your reply to an existing thread, or better, start your own conversation today. What are you waiting for? Contact whenever you please if you have any questions.

With everything going on in today's crazy world, I decided it was worth it to start a new website recapping some of the lasting impacts to myself and those around me in the past couple of years. 

A large portion of the substance on the website is based around the sports business world & the impact covid-19 has made on the professional/collegiate leagues protocols and the affected athletes, coaches, training staff, and other personal as a whole. Sports have been such a strong passion my whole life. Since an extremely early age sport has always been such a comforting consistency in my life amidst all uncertainty. Comes as somewhat of an escape from the chaotic, fast-paced, ever-changing society.

Along with discussing popular topics in sport that seem reliable, relevant, and relatable, I also will be posting business & leadership articles, tidbits, quotes, blogs. It has always been super important to me that I always stay up to date with the major rumblings in the news and how it effects the economy.

Although I have barely scratched the surface of what this website will be in the future and currently is a rough draft with an undoubtable amount of flaws, it has broken new grounds for me, and would mean a lot if you to check it out!


Nicholas (Nick) Fee Resume

In case you were a little more curious about me or my past endeavors... Here's my resume!