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Hi! Welcome to my website! If you are a sports-minded person you'll probably fit right in, make yourself at home. Athletes or parents looking for to enhance their child's athletic capability or develop leadership skills that will pay its dividends have come to the right site. I am a very outgoing person and promise to do my best to radiate my skill and passion for the game into your own hands

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Feel free to contribute how to you see fit and probably doesn't need to be said, but please be respectful! On here you'll find a heavy influence on community sport and sports business world in general! I often post general sports knowledge or wisdom, tidbits, quotes, or really just anything that I find inspiring, relatable, or fun. I invite you to take a look at the posts below, and encourage you to contribute however you see fit thru the online forum!



This platform is people focused and I promise I will do my best to grow your passion, skill, and know-how in the various sports I have followed and played since a young boy. My ultimate goal is to make an impact on those less fortunate than myself and in the community around me. [Add Jimmy V Foundation]